Meeting Points of This World and the Spiritual . 


Sat in a circle around candles, and crystals we were told that the reason we were there was “to allow the two worlds , the living at the spiritual to meet. As we sat , closed our eyes and waited for the hour to strike 8 pm I was told to relax,  to let go and allow what will happen next. Assured that everything was conducted in a positive manner, no negativity allowed , that I would be greeted through sense or sight the spiritual world. I definitely felt relaxed , then cold , then freezing, then my legs were shaking vigorously. People took it in turns to stand up and give others in the circle messages from the spiritual world, often referencing a loved one from the past. Messages to people are fragmented, and it is difficult to make sense of what is happening. I find this the intriguing part, and is what wants me to investigate further. The connections that are made amongst the people through words are both familiar and unfamiliar and creates quite a surreal experience. Reality is so strange, and by i find by placing myself in unfamilar places and cultures it furthers my research into Identity and the fragmented aspect of it.  This Experience reminded me of the video work Mika Rottenbourg , and the surreal connections of reality .



However i found myself being more drawn to the sounds than the visuals  within the room, for example the pouring of water in a cup, or the shuffling of cards. This inspired me to create a the Sound work that would echo from inside the cylinders for “Your Nothing Without A Good Hat"