Haroon Mirza 

Haroon Mirza /HRM199: For a Partnership Society at ZAbludowicz Collection.

The exhibition reminded me of my never quiet mind, So many thoughts, images, lights,  and sounds that they almost cancel each other out. The snippets of information, the flashing of light , news , mysteries and faces, It is as if we are seeing and not seeing at the same time. I found the loud sound pieces  acted as a meditation , it fixated me on the work , shutting down distraction. Whist watching one of the videos, the sounds stopped and whist the video played, I started to quickly become distracted . 

Entering the Chamber for Endogenous DMT , a sensory deprivation chamber was the direct contrast to the rest of the show. Spending the allocated 5 minutes inside complete darkness. I sat Still with my eyes wide open, and could feel the murmus of my organs.  A loop of the works I had just seen was constant in my mind. There appeared to be a small light moving around the room , and although there was another person sitting in there with me , you felt very much alone. 

The show was a powerful sense stimulating almost experience . All the works although seperate  for me acted as one ,unable to differinerate from the sound, from the light , from the video.  All encompassing , they connect off each other, working together alongside each other with no hierarchy , or entry points.