Marisol Escobar "Women Leaning"


Marisols Sculptures toy with social roles of Women.  We can see in "Women Leaning" the complexities of Femininity as a perceived truth, a combination of folk art , dada and Surrealism . Her Work looks quite makeshift , and she successfully assembles materials whilst recognising their discontinuities. The masks give the work a sense of being, whilst the  form of the sculptures are symbolic. Using art an an opportunity to expose the self as an imagined creation, we are taken into Marisols world. It manages to be playful yet underpins a social commentary with concerns to gender . I am inspired by how she takes control of the representational side of her creations, using the art expose an imagined creation, whilst making us beleive it is real through rare fabricated objets and recognisable parts. Her choice of material compliments the work, and I enjoy the simple form of the wood. The use of colour is bold , and confident. She is not afraid to express her creativity which is an inspirational tool for development .