Your Nothing


“Meeting Point” 2018 For Elephant x Griffin Art Prize

“Meeting Point” 2018 For Elephant x Griffin Art Prize


“Simultaneous Possibility” Sound , 2018

For "Your Nothing Without a Good Hat" I however wanted to disconnect and distance myself, and the viewer from the bodily form , whist simultaneously  reintroducing  a reality  through using an assemblage of representational objects.  This is to emphasis my curiosity in the known and unknown , the meeting point of  the two . 

 Are we becoming more conscious (mindful) or are we disconnecting through distraction. Reflecting back a world that we think we understand .(How To see The World ) Using symbols and distortions to better understand what  knowledge comes to us, as well as what we see. 

"The body itself is essentially a non-hegemonic space in which various opposites can comfortably co exist , allowing spirit and matter to cohabit  " Black Sun: Shezad Dawood .  

“Simultaneous Possibility” Sounds inside “Your Nothing Without A Good Hat”

I have layered and placed sounds over each other, representing the simultaneous happenings. As well as how we hear different things at the same time. I am interested in the power of sound, the energy it creates through vibration, and its ability to evoke emotionally charged memories. Sound can  be a forgotten tool of recollection, we are so busy looking, and recording the things we see, that we often forget about the things we hear.

Side A

  • Son laughing Channel One Soundsystem Shoreditch Uk

  • Street entertainer , George Town Malaysia Singapore traffic lights

  • Son recording Aeroplane Taxi Driver , GeorgeTown Malaysia

  • Kek Look Si Temple Penang, Malaysia Clairvoyance meeting , Leicester Uk

  • Taxi driver, Singapore "Little India" Georgetown Malaysia

  • Shambolic Drum Session Leicester Uk Circle time , Spiritualist Church ,Leicester Uk

  • Jah Shaka Sound system Camden Uk Hare Krishna Gathering, Camden , Uk

  • Clairvoyance meeting, Leicester Uk Night Market, Langkawi Malaysia