When creating or assembling it seems we use what we know or have available at present, what we can acquire to make.  "The artist dwells on what the present offers"   We speak a language out of "habbit" and do not question the idea of it being any other way. In the text"  Rhizome "  Deleuze and Guattari they talk about this " habbit" of the human that "we are no longer ourselves" that it is through these habits that make us act and feel and think, that" we have been helped, inspired and multiplied"  Into a system that we endeavour to fit into and be part of.  A rhizome will continue to grow, to multiply on the outside as well as the inside. But what is the thing on the inside what we dont see ? What is the energy that is multiplying , creating behaviour and habbit. A text of this great complexity   and magnitude  needs more time for me to personally understand. As with much philosophical theories a deep investigation is to be had to come close to trying to understand .